Library Discoveries

Everything I found in the various libraries I visit. It’s one way I have to share my love of books and printed papers with the world. Most of the books will be quite old, some will be rare, but others will be new. All of them will be unusual or notable in some way. It’s your way to visit the library without visiting the library. We have recently pulled all ads from this series to maximise your enjoyment.

Additional voice work by Miranda Keeling.

Paddy & Billy: WW2 Crete Library Discoveries

A tribute to the heroic adventures of Patrick Leigh Fermor and William Stanley “Billy” Moss on Crete in WW2, including a closer look at Paddy’s letters and other writings. I have been a fan of Patrick Leigh Fermor for years, but what does Billy’s book, Ill Met By Moonlight, add to our knowledge? This is a crossover episode with our Spies of London podcast, and the first of two special episodes on this subject. Enjoy! In the show I refer to an article I wrote about letters and diaries of famous people. You can read it here: https://paulcdettmann.com/2020/02/08/the-art-of-the-letter
  1. Paddy & Billy: WW2 Crete
  2. Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian
  3. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Spies of London

My spies podcast covers real Cold War espionage plus my favourite spy writers such as John le Carré. Originally conceived as a companion for my London walking tours with Airbnb, the podcast showcases my most interesting items of research. SOE, WW2, Cold War. Everything has a London perspective but with a global reach.

Why Espionage? Why Not? Spies of London

You can grab any of my virtual walks at http://www.virtualhistorywalks.com from today! This week: a look at why people get drawn into espionage. A personal, philosophical view. Normal service returns next week…
  1. Why Espionage? Why Not?
  2. John le Carré and Telemark Commando Raids
  3. A Closer Look at the SVR and KGB After 1990
  4. Gordon Lonsdale
  5. Special Episode: Navalny & Novichok