Never Run On Fear

Some companies I worked at in the past used fear like it was petrol for a car. David Lynch says: people who run a business on fear are stupid. We agree.

Fear leads to burn out and either premature death or the individuals quit and the business fails. Lynch tells us that even the darkest horror movie set can be a happy family, like Eraserhead. If you want to know whether a set was happy, watch the promo interviews during marketing of a film. Watch Guru-Murthy interview Downey Junior. Man alive!

The writer can put the darkness of the real world out onto the page. A dark story can come from a happy soul. Stephen King is fundamentally happy, but his stories are usually full of darkness.

If you work in the real world instead of the movie world, you can apply the same attitude. Keep your team happy and you can sleep soundly. Run them on fear and you’re dead.

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