Five Questions: Author Dheep Matharu

Dheep is an independent author in all senses of the word. Having worked for some of the world’s most famous companies in London and New York, she has returned home to publish her memoirs at 30. Trust us, there’s been a lot to write about. A New York Kind Of Love is her multi-part series about life in NYC, with everything that entails. Drink, drugs, Instagram and a lot of other stuff that you’ll just have to read to believe. It’s an unusually formatted extravaganza of raw emotion that reads like poetry at times. She joined us in a Brick Lane cafe to talk about her life on the road.

Q: Your book is part memoir, part novel. What percentage of each?

Dheep: 98.95% memoir and 1.05% novel. The above 1.05% includes things like giving characters new names and summarising some of the really lengthy scenes. There was also a TON of really interesting off-the-wall events that were sadly excluded, in the interest of breaking down the story into easily digestible chunks.

Q: What do you love most about New York?

Dheep: Charlie. Obviously. I think I made that pretty clear!

Q: Do you think social media is a force for good?

Dheep: There are pros and cons to everything. I used to hate social media because I felt it was like a shiny storefront for our lives but inside, the store was more like a bric-a-brac flea market with all sorts of junk falling off the shelves. But that was back when I used it as merely a way to connect with people I know. Since connecting with the vast, global population “strangers”, I’ve learned it can be more like going on stage at an open mic night where the crowd is actually rooting for you to succeed and not fail. The benefit now, really is, you can be whoever you want to be without fear of being judged – you just need to find the right audience.

Q: What part of the world would you most like to visit that you have not yet had chance to?

Dheep: Truthfully, I’d like to revisit all the scenes in my book and relive them one more time. Particularly the darkest times. There’s nothing like raw emotion and a pinch of hindsight to appreciate where you were, where you’ve come from and what you did along the way.

Q: Who would love this book? It’s unconventional. It feels as fresh as Doug Coupland did 20 years ago – which writers inspired you?

Dheep: For the writing of this book I DELIBERATELY DID NOT read any other writers’ work. Why? Because it needed to be 100% my voice or it wasn’t going to work. Having said that, there was one particular book that encouraged me, not only to persevere but also to REDO the ENTIRE format of the book to the unusual, visual style that you see today. That book was “Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield. P.S. I screamed and cried and threw a tantrum in the car when I realised that I had to rewrite the entire first draft after months of hard work. To answer your first question: who would love this book? Anyone who feels a bit “disconnected” in today’s world and feels like reconnecting again. Come and connect with me.

If you want to read more, you can get hold of Dheep’s memoirs on Amazon in the UK, US and elsewhere. She is also on Facebook.

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